How to Stay Warm Fishing in the Winter

Wade fishing in the winter offers the serenity that defines fly fishing…. that is, if you can keep warm. I can honestly say having cold feet (literally) was the main reason I’d shy away from winter wade fishing.

Thanks to high powered battery technology and a company (Lenz) that makes great heated socks with blue tooth technology, my cold feet will be a non issue this year. They work so well I ordered four additional pairs for my customers.

I also came up with a great way to keep my hands warm by wearing latex gloves and keeping hand warmers in my pocket.

I’m now good to go fishing most any day of the winter. There are those days when temps just don’t want to climb into the 30’s or the powder is calling louder than the tug…. in which case I’d recommend skiing all day.

Little known fact – with the average highs in January at 36, February 39, March 46 and April 53 (and even warmer down valley) you can usually find a day or two to fish during your ski vacation.

Whether you’re trying to get in as much as possible out of your Aspen vacation by skiing the first half of the day and fishing the afternoon “surf&turf” or just want to take the day off from the mountain peaks and spend the day hunting trout in the valley floor, I can guarantee you’ll enjoy the experience. Literally minutes from town you can be wetting a line.

With 25 years of experience, you’ll know you’re with a pro who decided long ago to make it a career.
Thanks and hope to hear from you!

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